I <3 Money!

Hanging out in big groups can be fun and exciting; you never know what kind of dynamic you will end up with. My word of advice; never choose Street Fighter characters if you end up playing charades! 🙂 I do enjoy my group time, but I particularly cherish any one-on-one time I have with people. This is where I find I can learn the most about a person. It requires a bit of faith and a lot of trust to get to know someone, and I appreciate every opportunity I get to do this. During these conversations, I find that we can talk about anything. From crazy family members, to that person at work where you just want to smack across the head. Just a little bit. Just a little sting. Nothing illegal. Although that could be a family member too. Or your partner. We’ve talked about anything from hobbies, to relationships, to exchanging recipes that I fully intend to try. Someday. Honest! I’ve had conversations about people’s bathroom habits to intimate details about their sex lives. Some details I could probably do without, but it all comes with the territory. Being able to talk to me about anything and everything means just that.

Through all of this, an interesting pattern emerged. As open as most people are about every SINGLE aspect of their life, the one that closes them up is talking about money. Nothing causes more squirming then bringing up this subject. Do you know how hard it is to bring up this topic during a conversation? “So, how’s that budget of yours coming along this month?” Total mood killer. Why is this? Aside from the inherent un-sexiness of budgets of course.

When you think about money, what do you feel? Anxious? Scared? Stressed? Something you take for granted cause there’s enough in your accounts? Or that there’s still room on a credit card to take care of your expenses? Or does money stir up feelings of comfort and security inside? Money is such an intricate part of our lives, yet we hide details about it from everyone, sometimes even from our own partners! Whether you take for granted that your paycheques are coming in and your savings are growing, or you’re terrified of opening bank statements and credit card bills at the end of each month, it is important to sit down with yourself (and your partner!) and time to come clean and be honest. Everyone works so hard for their money day after day, and as a result, I believe money should bring a sense of security and freedom, rather than causing you anxiety and stress. Aren’t “Mondays” torture enough?

So what’s my relationship with money? For anyone who’s managed to bring up anything about money or personal finance or investment related during our conversations, you know that I CANNOT shut up about this. I ❤ Money. Many of you may cringe at this. Are you even “allowed” to say that? Sounds… evil. Or something. You can say you ❤ your house. ❤ your car. ❤ your Iphone. But you can’t say you ❤ money. Seems odd to me personally. I ❤ reading and learning anything and everything about it. I ❤ the freedom that it can give you if it is handled properly. But I also understand the anxiety and stress that it can cause, and have personally witnessed how powerful it can be in destroying trust in relationships. So this is why I am doing this. I don’t know where this blog is heading, but I am hoping that I can help you become more aware of your own financial situation and relationship with money. For some, it can serve as a reference point and resource for all things related to money. For others, it may serve as a starting point to becoming more honest with yourself and how money is affecting your life. And for those who are just bored at work and want something to do to kill 5 minutes before the next EVER so productive meeting, I appreciate the traffic! 🙂

So, what is your relationship with money? What feelings does it stir up inside? Warm and fuzzy gooiness? Or panic and stress? Or something different entirely? If you’re not comfortable posting in the comment section (believe me, being this open and honest online is tough!), fire me a private email instead. Think of it as a money support group for my closest friends. And their friends. And their friends friends. Hey, I’m sure we all know each other in some way or another!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hockeygrl87
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 06:20:32

    I think sometimes it’s inevitable to be scared of bringing up the topic when you are brought up thinking that money (in its many forms). I have had an interesting journey with money: liking it, hating it, using it, investing it, loving it, hating it again, and I’m in a weird state right now, thinking that money is overrated.


  2. hockeygrl87
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 06:26:14

    My comment cut out in the middle.

    It’s inevitable to think of money as a topic you don’t talk about because of how some people are brought up thinking that it is a private topic and that there is some sort of judgment that can be avoided because of how you spend your money. Or maybe it’s a cultural taboo of sorts and only spending your money in a way that is somehow recognized to be “a good and valuable choice” if you know what I mean.


    • Vicky Vo
      Nov 25, 2011 @ 19:20:16

      Hey hockeygrl87! You’re absolutely right; ones relationship with money can fluctuate greatly depending on circumstances. Kinda like your partner. You know you ❤ them. Everyone knows that. But sometimes, just sometimes, you really kinda hate them. Just a little bit. And that's ok. Honest. Everyone does it. 🙂

      Do you think money should be a private topic? Is it something to be proud about? Something to be embarrassed or ashamed about? Something you want to hide because you don't want to be judged? I think if we decide to make money less private and less taboo, then people will not have to suffer in silence. I know there are people who are living pretty comfortably and would like to learn a bit more about their own money; that's great! I want to share whatever I know and learn with them! I also know there are some who are drowning. Who are too scared to open their credit card bills and blindly throw money at the bills, hoping they're making a difference. Or use their credit cards like a bank account cause they feel like they have no other choice. Who are too embarrassed and ashamed to even ask for help. Or have no idea where to ask for help. Or they don't even realize they are drowning cause they have no grasp of their money situation at all. It's these people I really want to help. Asking for help isn't an easy thing to do, but I want them to become more comfortable talking about it. And know help is there if you just ask for it.

      Thanks for dropping by!


  3. Boon Ong
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 21:39:37

    I was “window browsing” and bumped into your blog. And I love it!

    Financial planning is always something I wanted to do, but its always the detail figure, the loads of effort to trace, to manage that kinda of turn me off. And yet, do I save, yes. Do I save enough, I don’t know.

    I have to so agree with you that as much as I would like to be financially advised, there is always the mentality of “hiding”, not entirely sure if I am proud nor ashamed with I have, scared of being judged whether it is too little to even think about investment, even to a financial advisor from the bank, it’s not 100% honest, despite he/she already everything that you have.

    Help needed for sure.


    • Vicky Vo
      Nov 25, 2011 @ 23:30:25

      I’m glad you dropped by! You can follow the blog by email if you like!

      I think you can be on top of your money without doing EXACTLY what I do. I love the numbers and spreadsheets and the keeping track of everything. Not everyone is wired like that. There are other ways of doing it though and we just have to find the way that works for you. If its too much work or you don’t like it, you’ll just quit. Of course, its going to require a little bit of work; if it was completely hassle free, everyone would be on top of it! Right? Right? Probably not. 🙂

      As for the feeling of “hiding,” you’re not the only one, I assure you. But its something we have to get comfortable with, especially if you want to ask for help. It’s something that I’m hoping if I talk about more, and encourage everyone to talk about more, then maybe the feeling of “hiding” will ease a bit. Probably not disappear right away, but hopefully become more comfortable with the concept. And if it gets to the point where friends can chat about it like photography and help each other out, why not?

      Stayed tuned on my perception of financial advisers at banks! Keep coming back and I’ll try to describe some basic things you can do to get a better idea of where you’re at with your finances. If you have specific questions and can’t wait to get started (come on, its exciting stuff!), fire me a private email and we can chat some more.


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