2012 Personal Resolutions

I know, I know, how cliché right? Everyone makes resolutions for the New Year (work out more, spend less, don’t strangle so and so, etc.) and by the second week in January, the best intentions are out the window. I’ve made resolutions and they’ve failed miserably, mainly because I know I’m my worst enemy in regards to giving myself a break. So, let’s go public with this and see if that makes me more accountable.

Exercise more! Goal is twice a week and can include anything from walking for 30 minutes or more to yoga classes or swimming. As a result of the car accident, I’m still a bit beat up and have been pretty sedentary for awhile so feeling the itch to get back into this. I signed up for Fitocracy, which is a website that tracks workouts and such. You can ‘level up’ so it has a video game feel to it. We’ll see how helpful it is to keep me on track. If anyone is interested in joining me, let me know and I will send you an invite.

No McDonalds! Some haven’t been to the golden arches in years. I went every week in December. Sometimes twice a week. There’s something comforting about the food that brings me back to my childhood. I originally was going to see how long I can go (giving myself an out already!), but let’s just take it out of the routine. This could prove interesting; if you know me well enough, you know that the lack of food that I’m craving does something to me.

Indexing ONLY! I accept that I have an addictive personality which is very conducive to gambling on stocks. I’ve been eyeing a couple recently (LLL, SLF, HSE), but I got burned last year on individual stocks (more on that in another post). If I wouldn’t expose my clients to these individual stocks, they will not show up in mine. I will contribute the maximum to my TFSA this year and reallocate as necessary to meet my target allocation.

Blog 3 times a week! I’ve been pretty terrible at this, especially during the Christmas holidays. I even had friends help me justify my lack of writing; it’s the holidays, readership will drop anyways! But I know without consistent material, I will lose readers, so I will commit to 3 posts a week. If you have any suggestions on topics you would like to read about, please send them to me! I can definitely use some ideas to help me with this resolution! I’ve also talked to a couple people about guest posts… just because I haven’t nagged you recently, doesn’t mean I have forgotten about it. 😛

Set up a will! Like personal finances, many realize that this is important. Very important. Something to do someday. Soon. Honest. But this is very irresponsible and you could be exposing your love ones to headaches if something were to happen suddenly. Not to mention the taxes that the government will take! This is something I know that I need to learn more about and will have this in place this year.

Five goals. Seems like a good enough list to me. Yup, the McDonalds one still bugs me and I am seriously debating getting rid of it. Those damn nugget and fries.  Do food items ever grow legs and arms and have faces and dance around in your head? No? Then it’s just me? Good to know.

Do you have any resolutions/goals for the New Year? Are they personal goals or financial goals? Or do you think the whole exercise is pretty useless? I’d ❤ to hear what you’re working towards this year!

Happy New Year everyone!

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5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hockeygrl87
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 22:05:49

    I have sent out your link to the twittersphere. 🙂

    Maybe it’s turning a milestone age that got me to rethink resolutions. Mine are to live life with no regrets, try new things, and live with grace, love and joy.

    I have fitness goals too. Toning up vs. losing weight. Cutting a couple of inches is good enough for me. I want definition! Will set my own workout schedule for the week. Aiming for 5-6 times a week doing SOMETHING fitness oriented. Warm/hot yoga at least 2-3 times a week, p90x (own pace; at least 1-2x a week), insanity (1x a week with my neighbours), climbing (at least 1x every 2 weeks), dance (whenever). Feel free to send me an invite to your goal tracker!

    Food goals: 2-3 cups hot tea w/lemon every day to help detox, drink lots more water after work and cut off coffee to 1x a month max., pop is cut down to 1x a week. Fruit as dessert with every meal.

    I want to look into setting up a will too actually! Let me know if you can recommend anyone!

    Friendship goals: cutting off negative and/or non-reciprocal people from my life. Life is too short to spend time on people who really don’t care about you at all.


  2. Leigh
    Jan 12, 2012 @ 04:23:15

    I received some stocks as compensation from my employer a few years ago and I sold them in November to help with the down payment on my condo. I am NEVER investing in individual stocks again – watching the stock price go up and down was not-quite-scary, but annoying and so not worth it. I find it’s much easier to see the market as noise when I’m investing in indexes.

    Good luck with your goals! I only blog about my finances, but my primary non-financial goal is to continue working on balance in my life (career, OCD-ness, finances, friendships, and fitness). I finally found a gym that I LOVE in 2011 and that has made all the difference in my level of being fit! 🙂


  3. youngandthrifty
    Jan 12, 2012 @ 05:41:23

    Haha I know what you mean about addictive personalities!!

    I already screwed up my intent to index with TFSA TD eseries and bought 84 shares of HSE 😉


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