2012 Personal Resolutions – January update

February already! How the time has flown! I think its general knowledge that most resolutions fizzle out by mid-February (if not earlier), so let’s see how things are going for me.

Exercise more! Goal is twice a week and can include anything from walking for 30 minutes or more to yoga classes or swimming.

So far so good! Fitocracy is a pretty neat program to keep track of workouts. Once I get a bit stronger I can unlock their little achievements; I do enjoy collecting stuff in my games!

No McDonalds! 

It’s been over 31 days since I have last visited McDonalds. The first week was tough; they are EVERYWHERE! But as the month went on, the cravings subsided. This month, I’m adding pop to the chopping block. This one I will continue just for the month and see where it leads me.

Indexing ONLY! I accept that I have an addictive personality which is very conducive to gambling on stocks.

I sold some ETFs and bought some others to realign my portfolio’s asset allocation to match my target allocation. Unfortunately, I started following a couple blogs who, in addition to ETFs/index mutual funds, also include some dividend paying stocks in their portfolio. Definitely interesting reads, and the itch is definitely there! Especially when I know they would help with my dividend earning competitions!

Blog 3 times a week!

I think I only missed one blog post in the past month, so it’s a half-pass. 🙂 Might start writing some posts up beforehand so I can still meet my goal even when life gets in the way.

Set up a will!

I picked up an estate planning book… and it has collected dust on my bookshelf. I also purchased one of those do-it-yourself will kits online. Not sure if this is the way to go, as I believe my situation is very simple, but one of the first rules in the estate planning book is to not do it yourself. Has anyone used this type of product before? (Do-it-yourself will kits?) Or do you just pay the lawyers the necessary money to set up the will for you properly? Otherwise, no progress on this one yet.

I am finding that making my goals public is keeping me more accountable than before. We will see how the year unfolds!

How are your goals or resolutions going? Still on track?

I need your help! As this is a new blog, please spread the word on Facebook and/or Twitter! Or email the link to a friend or family member!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leigh
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 07:20:00

    I write all of my posts in advance 🙂 That’s how I’ve been blogging 3 times a week for the last month or so. Right now, I have posts scheduled through 2/27. I just write stuff whenever I feel like it and schedule it for the next time slot I want to publish a blog post.

    Where do you live that McDonald’s is everywhere?! I don’t even know where the closest McDonald’s is to me. Maybe a 15-20 minute walk?


  2. Vicky Vo
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 16:36:31

    Banking posts ahead of time definitely helps! I will try to do it more often going forward.

    I have a McDonalds across the street from my condo and another one a block away. I think I just pay VERY close attention to where they are located. 🙂


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