I am a 30-year old with a mission to save my family and friends from the destructive powers of money! (cue theme song and costume change!) No, not really. I just want them to become more financially-savvy and develop a better relationship with money.

I graduated as valedictorian of my high school (which was literally a box in the middle of nowhere east of Calgary), and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Science with Honours (or something like that) and spent over 6 years working as a retirement analyst and associate in one of the largest HR consulting firms in the world. I am an associate in the Society of Actuaries (let’s pretend it is so much cooler than it actually is), and am currently spending my “retirement” helping people develop their money knowledge to learn how to harness money’s power for good rather than evil. Aside from teaching them basics about money and budgeting and how to grow their net worth, I currently also manage over $200K in investments.

I ❤ math and numbers and spreadsheets (I wonder why I don’t get invited to a lot of parties), and ❤ reading about anything to do about personal finance and investments.

Typical disclosure stuff: The articles posted on this blog are my opinion and should not be considered professional financial advice. i.e. Please don’t sue my a**.

I can be reached at vo.vicky@gmail.com.


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